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GreenGOLD Organic is working in partnership with MoringaMutual™ to bring to you the first of many offerings, Moringa leaf powder.

GreenGold are a Non Profit making organization dedicated to making natural health products available to all at anaffordable price ethically and sustainably. Together we aim with your help to effectively realize the full benefits ofMoringa cultivation in the Third world to benefit real people all over the world. GreenGold’s Organic Moringa Leaf Powder is brought to you with the sole purpose of improving the health and wellbeing of all people all over the world both economically nutritionally and medically and is fully indorsed by in line with Moringa Mutual’s™ strict code of ethics.



Neither GreenGOLD Organic, Moringa Mutual or any of its subsidiaries, agents, distributors or partners accept any liability for any desirable or undesirable effects of experienced by any one consuming its products. None of the claims made in this fact sheet have been scientifically proven or verified by the British Medical Association.


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